My two favorite bands are THREE MEN and a TENOR and Metallica!
— Indifferent teenager after seeing a 3MT show

THREE MEN and a TENOR (3MT) was formed by Paul Felch, Chuck Colby, Mark Stiles and Glenn Williams in 1992. The four remain together 26-years later and accomplishing amazing things with their unique vocal and comedic talents and timing. One of the reasons that the guys maintain such a loyal and loving fan base, is that the group will come out to meet the public after almost every show taking time to meet the people that they have just engaged with. It shows their crowds that they are as genuine off the stage as they seem on stage. And for many years, it is why many people refer to the group affectionately as "The Guys". 


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Bass singer/Lead singer/song writer/producer

Paul is the foundation for all of the 3MT music.  With over 30 years of bass guitar experience, you'll hear vocal bass lines as he might play them in a funk band from Detroit.  Paul wrote the popular group ballad, "It's You", and he lends his powerful, sultry lead voice throughout the show, plus many memorable comic moments including the legendary "Sprinkler Dance".


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Lead singer/songwriter

Since day one, Chuck has grabbed any audience through his wit and masterful delivery of his featured songs.  His comic portrayals of Bob Marley, Elvis, and Robert Plant send crowds into hysteria, but then Chuck can deliver a heartfelt powerful lead on Big Bad John that typically leaves people breathless.  Chuck also co-wrote "Come on Back" and the danceable hit,  "I Don't Need Nobody".

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Lead singer/jingle writer/songwriter

Mark claims his vocal musical influences (especially the crooners from the Rat Pack era), are a big part of why he is comfortable with the ballads and delivering the songs with the tender leads.  Songs like Just My Imagination, The River, and Shower the People get full vocal passion and performance when Mark delivers. Mark co-wrote "She Comes Home to Me".

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The TENOR /Limbo Champion/ Kermit's Voice Double

Glenn has spent many years with all eyes on him when he takes the stage... how can you not? Declaring that he made a career out of his height (or lack of), Glenn is a natural comic performer and shines in the light!  And as you will see in the performance of "Wonderful Tonight", don't even try to limbo against him!