3MT salute to the HEROes


Veterans Tribute to 3MT Fathers

All four fathers of the members of “Three Men and a Tenor” served in the military.
Click on the links to watch their heartfelt videos:
Everett Felch (Paul)- US Army/Air Force
Dale Colby (Chuck)- US Army
Jim Stiles (Mark)- US Navy
Dave Williams (Glenn)- US Navy


A Hero’s Prayer

Greg Cudney, a submarine veteran who served in Vietnam, wrote an original song for his fellow veterans called “A Hero’s Prayer”. He offered it to Three Men and a Tenor to help reach as many audiences as possible. It has inspired standing ovations at every performance, and sometimes during the song. The song is featured on the new 3MT25 CD and is part of almost every 3MT performance.


3MT US Military Bases Performance Tours in Germany

Three Men and a Tenor was presented in over 20 US Military Bases throughout Germany for the Allied -forces troops and their families. The first tour was 23 performances, and the second tour was 38 performances and over 3,000 miles of travel within Germany. Both tours included performances at Landstuhl Hospital to sing at the bedsides of the soldiers returning from the battlefield.